The South Bay Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League
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logoWhat is TANOSHII Fun Camp?
The TANOSHII is a weeklong day camp sponsored by the South Bay JACL and the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute (GVJCI).

TANOSHII uses fun activities to teach kids 7-10 years old about Japanese American heritage. Activities include a combination of cultural experiences, games and a field trip. Cultural workshops may include Taiko, Ikebana, Martial Arts, Origami, Calligraphy, Obon Dancing, Japanese Language, Japanese Cooking, etc. The goal of the camp is to spark interest in Japanese American culture and community through hands-on experiences and interaction with people in the community. Campers will get a chance to learn, and connect with the Japanese American community and heritage.  

2017 Tanoshii Fun Camp

2017 was the 10th year for our Tanoshii Fun Camp and the 75th Anniversary of one of the most trying times for our Issei and Nisei, World War II and the “Concentration Camp” experience. 

Our focus of was on young children in camp.  Activities included “If you had only one suitcase to fill with your belongings, what would you bring to camp?”  With a box of string, cardboard, popsicle sticks, plastic containers, wooden box tops, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and plastic tread spools – as a team, the campers created toys and games from the items in the box.

Our Field trip this year took us to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles.  There the campers participated in a Little Tokyo Scavenger hunt.  They were given pictures of Little Tokyo in the 1940’s and were to find the same buildings or sites where the old pictures were taken. 
The Japanese American National Museum and the Go For Broke Monument were also on the itinerary for the campers to reconnect with their heritage.

Ken Inose, a community member, came in to talk about his experiences as an 8 year old in camp at Rohwer, Arkansas and to answer questions from the campers.

Where is TANOSHII held?
TANOSHII meets at the Gardena Valley JCI. The Gardena Valley JCI is located at 1964 W 162nd St; Gardena, CA; 90247. Daily activities will be held at the GVJCI with a one day field trip. The students learn from a variety of cultural and community “experts” and do group activities with high school juniors and seniors serving as camp counselors under adult supervision.

Where can I get more information for the 2018 TANOSHII Fun Camp?
Go to the Gardena Valley JCI Web Site: click on this link

What if I have additional questions?
Please contact the TANOSHII Camp director, Ray Shibata by email at: tanoshiifuncamp(at)gmail.com

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